Extreme Duty Electrical Connectors

The Deutsch connector system is an electrical interconnection device for severe conditions and harsh environments that provides a superior solution to any harnessing need.

The components are molded from flame retardant and impact resistant materials, and the silicone gaskets and precision construction produce a weather resistant seal that will last for years. Whether you're looking for the DT, DTM, DTP, or any of the other products from Deutsch, we can help, visit Wirecare.com

Featured Connectors & the Assembler

The Deutsch Connector Assembler makes selecting your full Deutsch assembly incredibly easy! Simply select the plug or receptacle you need and the assembler does the rest! With your choice of plug or receptacle, the assembler will choose corrisponding parts with the same key, compatable modifications, and compatable pins, sockets, wedgelocks, and accessories. With part selection this easy, even a first time user or a purchasing agent who may not know how these parts work, is able to choose the proper options and be confident that all of the seperate pieces will fit together correctly and work perfectly. Click Here to View the Assembler

Deutsch DT Series

DT Series

Deutsch DT series connectors provide superior electrical properties and weather resistance in a user friendly product. The DT connector system is the choice for many top NASCAR, IRL, Grand American Road Racing Association Racing Teams, and by leading equipment manufactures due to its reliability and common terminal/crimper system.

Deutsch DTM series

DTM Series

Deutsch DTM Series of connectors feature a miniature contact with an enhanced design based on the field-proven Deutsch "DT" Series. Applications include on or around the engine, the transmission and under the hood. Everywhere data signals or critical electronic circuits go, the field proven design will provide reliable connector performance.

Deutsch DTP Series

DTP Series

The answer to all of your most demanding power application requirements. DTP Series connectors offer the proven reliability and quality of Deutsch's DT Series, combined with the added flexibility of using power contacts. They are environmentally sealed and come in two and four pin arrangements.

Deustch DTHD Series

DTHD Series

DTHD Series for applications requiring an environmentally sealed, single power circuit termination. The thermoplastic shells are designed as inline for cable to cable applications. Crimp -type solid contact sizes 4,8 & 12 accept wire sizes AWG 6, AWG 8, AWG 10, AWG12 & 14 respectively.

Deutsch HD10 Series

HD10 Series

The Deutsch HD10 series was designed for applications where the need for a Heavy Duty Industrial Connection is required. These rugged and completely sealed connectors are perfect for trucks and buses, heavy equipment, off-road, marine and recreational vehicles as well as plant equipment and robotics.

Deustch HDP20 Series

HDP20 Series

HDP20 Series provides quick & easy coupling & with heavy duty terminations for the truck, bus & off-highway industries. The HDP20 is a heavy duty rated, environmentally sealed, & multi-pin connector that uses a bayonet coupling system to provide a vibration resistant locking mechanism.

Deutsch HD30 Series

HD30 Series

Deutsch metal HD30 Series provides quick and easy coupling and cost effectiveness with heavy duty terminations. The HD30 is a heavy duty rated, environmentally sealed, and multi-pin connector that uses a bayonet coupling system to provide a vibration resistant locking mechanism.

Deustch AS Series

AS Series

The first range of high performance connectors designed for the Autosport Industry. Unlike your standard military design, these connectors are light weight and offer space saving solutions in a wide variety of options. The AS Series connector comes in 4 shell styles & 5 keyway orientations.

Deutsch ASL Series

ASL Series

The AS Microlite HE (ASL) Series was created for applications where even smaller and lighter connectors are needed. The ASL line is more than 30% lighter the traditional AS Micro HE line and almost 8mm shorter yet is fully intermateable with the AS Micro HE Series. Using Deutsch #23 contacts, this connector still retains all of the critical features of the traditional lines.

Deustch Quick Connect Series

Quick Connect Series

Deutsch Quick Connect Series compact connectors feature 3 contact arrangements (2,7 and 12) with wire gauges 16 to 26 AWG and contact sizes 16, 20 and 22. These environmentally sealed, small size connectors meet the needs for many engineering design requirements.

Deutsch AEC Series

AEC Series

The Deutsch AEC Series Connector are square, heavy duty, environmentally sealed electrical connectors that accept size 16 contacts. These connectors are available in In-line or PCB mounting options.

Deustch DRC Series

DRC Series

The Deutsch DRC Series Connector is a rectangular connector that offers insert arrangements of 24,40,50,60,64,70,76, and 80 cavities. These connectors accept size 12,16 and 20 contacts and are available in In-line, Flange Mount and PCB mounting options.

Deutsch DTV Series

DTV Series

The DTV Series, much like the Genuine Deutsch DT Series connectors, also provides superior electrical properties and weather resistance in an attractive, economical and user friendly product but adds the flexibility of an 18 cavity flanged design.

Deustch DRB Series

DRB Series

Deutsch DRB series connectors are high density pin count rectangular connectors engineered for environments where moisture, dirt and rough terrain can contaminate or damage electrical connections. The high performance thermoplastic body utilizes a bulkhead mounted flange to create a tight environmental seal. Shock, vibration and high-temp resistant, the DRB series connectors are ideally suited for firewall mounted pass-through applications.

Accessories & Kits

contacts and wedgelocks

Contacts & Wedgelocks

The solid contact series is designed for us with larger wire sizes in heavy duty applications. The stamped and formed contacts are for use where wire termination costs are of primary concern without sacrificing the reliabtility. Wedgelocks position the contacts and ensure continued precise alignment.

Deustch Accessories

Parts & Accessories

The parts and accessories include: Jiffy Splice Sonnectors, Mounting Clips, Sealing Plugs, Dust Caps, Contact Extraction Tools, Protective Backshells, Boots, Mounting Hardware, SPecialty Parts, and Connector Shields.

Deutsch contact extraction

Extraction Tools

These tools are engineerd to work seamlessly with the entire line of Deutsch contacts, and provide the highest quality finished product for even the most demanding applications. Easy to use extraction tools make quick work of removing contacts from any Deutsch HD/HDP or DT series connector without damaging the contact or the protective silicone seal.

Deustch Crimp Tool Series

Crimping Tools

We offer a large selection of Crimping Tools for a variety of different jobs and materials.

Deustch Specialty

Specialty Parts & Accessories

We offer a wide variety of Specialty Parts including: Sealed Buss Bars, Data Link Modules, Printed Circuit Board Headers, and Printed Circuit Board Enclosures.

Deustch Project Kits

Project Kits

These kits contain all items necessary to complete both ends of a contact assembly using genuine deutsch DT connectors. Each includes the required receptacle and plug, with pins, sockets, and wedgelocks for each.

Installer Kit

Exclusive Installer Kits

We offer a wide variety of Exclusive Installer Kits for a variety of projects and installations.